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How To Join

Who is Eligible to Join?

You are eligible to join S.A. Superannuants if you are receiving, or are eligible to receive, a superannuation pension paid from the South Australian Superannuation Fund.

Prior to February, 2003 only people actually receiving a pension were eligible to join but at the Association's 2003 AGM the rules were changed to allow membership for pension scheme members still at work. The reasons for this change were:

 You can join by contacting the Membership Officer of S.A. Superannuants and providing the details needed to establish a member record. You must include a cheque or money order or pay by electronic funds transfer(if paying by this method see below for Bank details and the procedure required) for the membership category required. The Membership Officer's address and the details you need to provide him are set out below.

Membership Officer address is:
Membership Officer
SA Superannuants
PO Box 348
Modbury North, 5092
South Australia

The details to be supplied to the Membership Officer are:
Title; Given Names;Surname;Full postal address including postcode;Date of Birth (only required if you are applying for life membership).

These details can be provided in any clear fashion in a simple letter of application. When Paying by Electronic Funds Transfer

  1. The Association Bank Account Details are:
    Bank SA
    BSB 105-900
    Account Number 950313840
    Account Name S.A. Superannuants
  2. Ensure that your own name and initials and your suburb appear with the payment amount when the money is received by the S.A. Superannuants Account. If you omit to do this we may not be able to determine who has paid the money.
  3. Make sure that you send a written application to the Membership Officer which includes the details needed to establish a member record. Once your member record has been established you can renew your membership as required by simply transferring the membership fee electronically and including your name, initials and suburb.