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June 25th at 1 pm, Pilgrim Centre 12 Flinders St.

Victor Gostin

Victor Gostin is an Australian geologist and an associate professor at the University of Adelaide, Department of Earth Sciences School of Physical Sciences.You may have listened to him on ABC local radio.

Victor discovered a deposit of volcanic material in the Flinders Ranges that was ejected from the 300-kilometre distant Acraman crater which was caused by the impact by a meteorite some 580 million years ago. His discovery was linked to a previous discovery by George Williams, also of the University of Adelaide, that the Acraman crater in Lake Acraman was due to the impact of a superbolide (an exceptionally large meteor). After Victor learned about this, he, Williams, Peter Haines and other colleagues of the University of Adelaide studied the materials in both places and found that they were similar in lithology and fracturing which showed that the ejecta in the Flinders Ranges came from the Lake Acraman site, this collaborative study was announced by them on 9 July 1985 during the Adelaide Geosyncline Informal Research Symposium in the Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Adelaide. Victor remarked at the time that his discovery "was the first known occurrence of far-flung ejected blocks of impact origin that have been preserved on arth.