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September 30th at 1 pm, Pilgrim Centre 12 Flinders St.

     The Warriparinga Wet Lands

               David Jarman

Warriparinga is a unique site in the heart of Marion, known for its natural beauty, outdoors recreation, native plants and animals as well as a place for cultural and environmental education.

It is significant for its Kaurna, European and environmental features. The Kaurna Aboriginal words Warri Parri means “windy place by the river”.

Warriparinga is home to the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre, which interprets Kaurna culture and heritage. The centre hosts cultural tours and can be hired for functions and community activities.

The Warriparinga Wetlands are currently undertaking a rehabilitation project where there is a long-term plan to improve water quality in the wetlands.

Warriparinga is located on a 3.5 hectare reserve on the corner of Sturt and Marion Roads, Sturt (commonly known as Laffer's Triangle).