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April 30th at 1 pm, Pilgrim Centre 12 Flinders St.

Rajina Dhillon Amnesty International

"The Organisation and Current Activities"

Rajina Dhillon began her career in the area of media advertising before getting into news journalism covering current issues. She found herself writing on Malaysian politics, education and the environment with an interest in human rights issues that she realised was directly affected within these areas.

Getting involved with Amnesty International seemed natural for her, as she believes in the values upheld by the organisation.

Within Amnesty International Australia, she started her activism in the role of Social Media Coordinator and Photographer for Amnesty, subsequently moving on into the role of Community Organising. Here, she actively works with different community leaders within the organisation to establish activism goals and execute campaigns on the ground.

     The story of Amnesty International began back in 1961 when two Portuguese students were jailed just for raising a toast to freedom. In response, a British lawyer named Peter Benenson penned the article The Forgotten Prisoners, for the UK’s Observer newspaper.

In the article Benenson described his disgust at the global trend of people being imprisoned, tortured or executed because their political views or religious orientation were unacceptable to their governments.

At the time, he recognised, there were “several million such people in prison… and their numbers are growing.”

Benenson had an idea about how this problem could be solved. In doing so, he gave life to the vision of collective action that defines Amnesty International’s work today.