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THE SUPERANNUANT Issue 51March 2018                                                                                                                                                             



Newsletter of the South Australian Government Superannuated Employees Association Inc.

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From the President


 came across an article concerning the future of nursing staff. The academic researcher/author noted that NSW is facing a major shortfall in available nursing staff. By 2030 the state will need 82,000 Nurses but only 74,000 are likely to be available - a gap of 8,000. This data is based on the number of projected available Nurse training places and the number of overseas trained nurses allowed employment here. Demand for Enrolled Nurses (ENs) will also far exceed supply. Currently there are 9,000 full time ENs in NSW; however, this number will fall to 7,500 by 2030 while demand will increase to 13,000 - a gap of 5,500. The same researcher believes that this is an Australia-wide problem.


Working conditions, reductions in immigration quotas and the recently introduced higher level English language requirements for overseas-born ENs will be some of the factors causing this problem. It is well known that these new English language requirements would stump most Australian-born citizens. Many Australians born overseas, who have obtained their academic qualifications here, fail the test or do not bother to sit it knowing that they will fail. ENs and carers are vital to the staffing needs of residential aged care facilities.


Most of us in recent years have had a spell in hospital or visited someone in a hospital or aged care facility, and we would have noted the high proportion of nursing and carer staff from an Asian, East Asian or African background. The recent emphasis on "security" by Commonwealth Governments is understandable, but in this area of nursing and caring we must be careful not to be too zealous and find that it has a negative impact on the staffing of our institutions. An ageing population is an undisputed fact as is the very high proportion of the aged occupying hospital beds. Food for thought.


Finally, on another note: a very warm welcome to the new CEO of Super SA, Dascia Bennett. Dascia was the guest speaker at our AGM.                                                                            Peter Fleming



Lateness of this issue: normally this first issue of The Superannuant for the year would reach you well before the end of February and before the Annual General Meeting. There was a difficulty this year which has made it late. The Committee takes full responsibility for this and is working to put in place arrangements to ensure it does not happen again. A related matter is the difficulty being experienced in getting, and maintaining, a full Committee. All this is discussed in the item ‘Wither the Association?’ on page 7.  



    Issue 51 of The Superannuant        



From the President

Lateness of this issue


Speaker program March-May 2018

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Speaker Program for General Meetings

March-May 2018

Meetings commence at 1.00 p.m. at the Pilgrim Centre, rear of 12 Flinders Street, Adelaide

Speakers and topics subject to change without notice.


March 26: Dr Matthew Baldock, Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director, Centre for Automotive  Safety Research ‘Research into older road users’.


April 30: Sandy Johns, Amnesty international. ‘The organisation and current activities’.


May 28: Rae Campbell, Adelaide and Koala Wildlife Hospital. ‘The future of koalas in South Australia’.


CPI Change: The Adelaide Consumer Price Index increase for July 2017– December 2018, was 1.83% and this same adjustment will be made to Super SA pensions from April, 2018.